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In Australia, you can install an IIA, regardless of the size and type of medical business

After reading these disciplines, students go to practice in a clinic (in our college, for example, this happens in the second year), which is attached to the educational institution. There they learn not only to treat people, but also to keep records of clients, fill out electronic medical records. In addition, students periodically work at the reception, where they are taught how to meet patients, answer calls, make appointments for patients, accept payment for services, sell special goods, etc. Also, future therapists should be able to open and close the cash register, check debit with credit, etc.

– That is, students are also taught accounting skills?

– Yes, elementary. You just have to be able to make a report in the system in which the clinic operates. Most often, this is some kind of medical information system in which the entire database of patients is recorded, all provided therapeutic services, sales of goods, etc.

The therapist at MIS has a personal office. And it is from him, at the end of the day, he can see how many patients he received, what types of treatment he provided, how many goods he sold and how the patient paid – in cash or by bank transfer. As a result, everything needs to be checked against the issued checks, for cashless payments and cash balances, for cash payments.

– And what products can be sold in the clinic?

– In the clinic of our college, they provide services not only in musculoskeletal therapy, which I studied, but also in naturopathy, acupuncture, etc. Therefore, patients are sold natural preparations that are used in the treatment of these methods.

– From your answers, I understood that the college clinic uses a certain MIS? What does it include?

– Yes, MIS has been installed in the clinic. There are several information systems in Australia that are specifically designed to manage traditional clinics, integrative medicine clinics, wellness clinics or even individual doctors. Through them, you can work with electronic patient records, keep accounts, statistics, and generate reports.

I link MIS to the website of a doctor or clinic. It is on it that the patient makes an appointment online for an appointment with a massage therapist or another therapist (this is in our case). He can sign up himself or call the doctor and he will write it down. But, again, by entering the data through the MIS. When a patient comes to the clinic, the doctor notes in the system that he has come. There he makes a note about the payment for the service. Immediately during or after the appointment, the specialist makes entries in the patient’s electronic record about his examination, diagnostic results, prescribed treatment, etc.

– Now you work in a small massage clinic. Does she also enjoy a certain IIA?

– Yes, regardless of the size of the business, you can install MIS by contacting the development company. It will be adapted to your site and even some additional points will be developed that your business needs specifically. Roughly speaking, they can tailor HIS specifically to the request of a doctor or clinic. MIS developers also make special mobile applications for therapists.

For example, when our patients sign up for a massage or other procedures, all this is displayed on working computers in the clinic (there are laptops in each office that you can log into with your account) and in the doctor’s mobile application.

That is, I can remotely see all my records on my phone, including who and when made an appointment with me. Thus, I see my workload for the day and can rationally manage my time.

– Can you name a few popular HMIs used by Australian clinics?

– Probably the most popular software used to manage private medical practice in the country is Clinico. At the same time, the wellness business (holistic wellness therapy business) where I currently work often uses the Mind Body system.

A clinic or a doctor pays a monthly subscription fee for using MIS. It depends on what set of functions you use. For example, development companies offer packages for large clinics, wellness studios, individual doctors, etc.

– Do you personally use MIS take a lot of time?

– It takes a lot of time to maintain electronic patient records. Sometimes I don’t even have time to make a full recording in the clinic. Therefore, it is necessary to finish all this at home. After all, the break between patients in the clinic is 10 minutes. During this time, you must see one patient and meet another, change sheets and towels in the room. In such cases, it is important to make some basic entries in the MIS so that you don’t forget anything later and finish it later.

For example, with a simple massage, you do not need to make many notes. But already during therapeutic massage, it is important to indicate what problems the patient has in posture, where pains are observed, etc. All this is necessary in order to clearly follow the prescribed course of treatment at the next appointments.

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