Awareness on Bone Health

The patient screamed, as the doctor Dan tried to massage his bone injury. Doctor Dan said to his patient, “You will have to eat food that contains much of calcium”. It will help you retrieve quickly, and additionally make your bone stronger. All of this happened in Oxford Teaching Hospital, when a boy who had an accident was brought in. He was examined and advised to take his health serious, before the injury leads to other bone disease.

World osteoporosis day is known as

World osteoporosis day is known as an event that takes place annually, on the 20th of October. It is a day set aside, to deliver valuable information about the bone, to the public. The awareness includes facts on how to prevent, and manage numerous bone ailment. People who listen to the information, are always left with safety measures on how to take care of their bone. When the bone is taken care of, numerous issues such as arthritis, height loss and inability to stand are prevented.

Awareness on Bone Health

Bone health deals with nutrients that are able to keep the bone strong and healthy. The important nutrient that must be available for the bones to remain strong. Without calcium, the bones becomes soft and fragile. This situation often leads to body breakdown, and some times makes the victims suffer pains from walking, running or jumping. When calcium is present in the body, the risk of suffering from bone diseases becomes mild. Parents should listen, and follow the tips given by doctors, in other to achieve sound health.

Osteopenia is a bone disease that occurs as a result of lack of or low calcium intake. Children can also fall a victim of some bone disease. That is the reason why, doctors advise parents to expose their kids to early sunlight, for vitamin D. vitamin D is a good source of calcium to the human body, and it can too be obtained from various food. Seafoods such as periwinkles, crabs and several others are good for calcium.

Children should be guided on what to do, to prevent them from falling a victim of an accident. In the environment, accident is the cause of major bone injuries. If the children are monitored every time, then this will never be a problem. Guidelines should be introduced in schools, to prevent accidents in the playground or classroom. As guidelines are introduced, the actions of the children can be easy to control. A healthy life, gives you a happy life and a happy life gives you long life.