How much Americans pay for their health care each year

Americans pay for health care because they gets sick, many dies, some may get a medical condition at some point, some might get cancer. Some will only have months to live with treatment less without it. All healthcare does is extend your life beyond natures expiration date, and that comes at a high cost. Imagine 2018 years ago someone could heal others extend their lives. Then it was called magic miracles, but today it’s called medicine healthcare.

That’s why we pay for it

That’s why we pay for it because it’s a way to live longer, as for costs, Americans pay nearly the highest rates in different countries for procedures, services, and drugs. According to the centers for medicare and medicaid services, the average figure is $9596 per capita. This is a case, though, where average may not tell you much because individual situations vary so much. If you have a good insurance plan through employer, you may be getting adequate medical care for less.

How much Americans pay for their health care each year

Those that are poor, they are probably getting inadequate medical care for less. For the young, healthy and uninsured, may be getting little or no medical care at all. However, other people are hit with expenses that are much more than this and that wipe them out financially. Medical expenses are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States. Americans pay less than $4000/year in fact, relatively few Americans are the ones who incur such high expenses that they skew the statistics up to that average 10k dollars over a year.

A big chunk of healthcare money is paid for out of taxes that cover medicaid medicare. It’s one of those arguments that universal healthcare advocates make. The issue isn’t just about universal insurance it’s about the government on the cost factors in a serious way. That would take some cost controls and administrative costs. Some times is hard to estimate for the amount that iscateeed for by the American for their health care each year because they may be using the healthcare cards.

Just like paper money, or a personal check, insurance card is only a promise to do something in the future on the part of the card’s issuer. Insurance card cannot guarantee that you will actually need services, or receive services, it simply tells a service provider that you have coverage as of a date certain and until a date in the future. Therefore, to calculate on how much Americans pay for their healt maybe difficult.