The shortfall of health care in the United States

Access to health is a premium right for the citizens of any country, it is expected that such sectors are heavily funded and regulated as well. The American health care system lacks a unique feature, which is a shortfall in universal coverage especially when compared with counterpart countries in Europe. Doctor to patient care is excellent but benchmarks like mortality rate and life expectancy can perform poorly. Thus, the slogan, health is affordable in the United States and not universal, this is the reason for earning its place as the market for arguably the largest private insurance market.

The word “affordable” is just a safe word yet has an underlying meaning. Affordable cannot mean universal, it means available and money is the price to pay to receive the service. However, you either develop a healthy lifestyle or earn a lot to pay the health bills. With so much private influence, the market tends to lack competitive edge, you literally never know your actual bill until it is purchased. This what competition offers? It offers a chance to have alternatives, you can always opt for cheaper service.

Health is so important, you are

Insurance which is a vehicle to achieve health for all, is predominantly privately funded in the country. Certain countries offer some level of subsidy to reduce the financial burden and make insurance accessible to a huge part of their population. This action will reduce the administrative costs, the resources spent during the communication between doctors and the management of insurance firms are reduced. Lack of subsidy in the American health care system can be responsible for its poor performance as regards a wholesome coverage of its citizens.

Health is so important, you are never have the opportunity to adapt a scale of preference when you are ill. Death is the alternative of not receiving health care; poor investment can cause failure in the above sector. The primary health care centers requires some level of funding, this is first and crucial point to end a lingering disease. Having primary health care centers funded with good tools and professionals, diseases like obesity, cancer can be detected or curtailed in record time.

The shortfall of health care in the United States

Investment in social infrastructures can increase life span of Americans, public gyms can encourage individuals to develop a culture of keeping fit. Some level of regulation on food products in several malls or stores, especially their content can improve health as well. To road to long life is built on the rock of preventive medicine, rather than get sick just prevent it. Exercise and healthy dieting are the two key aspects required to achieve good health. The American government must invest heavily in such areas to improve the health quality of their citizens.

Law and regulations can seem irrelevant yet it courses events in a country. American laws as regards health must encourage competition, the market supports demand. Competition in the aspects of drug supplies, insurance plans will create more choices, consumers can always opt for a cheaper option. World Health Organization avers that health is expected to universal, available for all, this shortfall affects performance of the American health care system.